Conquer the NEW Schnitzelmeister!

Things just got a whole lot HEAVIER!

Have you got game? Are you ready to take on the greatest challenge of 2019?

We’re challenging YOU to take on our NEW Schnitzelmeister Challenge! CAN YOU CONSUME FOOD SURPRISINGLY FAST? DO YOU LOVE SCHNITZEL?

Well have a read of this!

Our brand-spanking new menu welcomes THE MEGASCHNITZEL aka a 6-stack of golden chicken schnitzel! That’s a whole lotta chicken! Demolish it in an hour and it’s on us!


Consume a 6 stack chicken schnitzel tower layered with Napoli sauce, ham, cheese + 4 sides in 1 hour!



Entrants who complete the challenge will receive the glorious megaschnitzel on the haus! And of course priceless bragging rights!


The question is, can you take on the schnitzelmeister and reign supreme? Or will you be defeated?


BOOK NOW and let’s find out!


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