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It’s true: the BIGGER the BETTER, and especially at The Bavarian!

We’re going Over. The. Top. Outrageous. Excessive in the best way that we know how: with our delicious German food!

From May 8th – June 4th, catch our legendary schnitzels, pushed to the EXTREME with the craziest toppings and serving sizes you could EVER find! Only at The Bavarian are schnitties pushed to this limit!

Catch 3 OTT Schnitzels for a limited time only:

Yee Haw OTT Schnitzel: juicy BBQ riblets, corn on the cob, jerky, pickled red onions, and sour cream stacked on two perfectly crumbed chicken schnitzels

Shrimply the Best OTT Schnitzel: spiced Cajun prawns, calamari, avocado, roasted potatoes, and salad piled on two perfectly crumbed chicken schnitzels

Matterhorn 2.0 OTT Schnitzel: our coveted Matterhorn schnitzel is back in a BIG way! Two perfectly crumbed chicken schnitzels, covered with mac & cheese and served with a WHOLE lobster on top!

 If there’s ever a time to go all out, this is it! Dig into these OTT Schnitzels for just $55: if you’re looking for something smaller, they’re also available single-stacked for $35.

When we say we’re going over the top, we really mean OVER the top! There’s still more to come on our OTT menu, so keep an eye out and get excited for something HUGE around the corner…

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Terms and Conditions Apply.
Matterhorn 2.0 not available as a single schnitzel.
5% service fee from Monday to Saturday.

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